Sunday, March 1, 2009

Face Control by Handsome Furs (2009)

I didn't get my hopes up too much upon hearing of this album. I loved Handsome Furs' Plague Park, yet after I heard the first single off the new album Face Control, "I'm Confused", I wasn't as excited for the follow up. I'm Confused is a mediocre dance song but it didn't arouse any emotions in me or inspire me, as much of Plague Park did.

I have now listened to the album once through, and I can't wait to listen again. Handsome Furs are back with their beautiful electronic beats and smooth melodies, and better than ever.

Legal Tender is a tense, dramatic song in the verses, and a beautifully melodic song in the chorus, as if you're in a ship at sea getting tossed to and fro and the chorus is the sun coming out and the waters clearing and providing new hope.

(Passport Control) is an in your face pounding of electronic beats, something any drummer will appreciate. The song then leads into

All We Want Baby, Is Everything. Great title, because it is very true. Humans by nature want, everything. This song is a showcase of great lyrics and beautiful guitar pickings. Enjoy this song, let it fill you up and become part of you.

(White City), though only 1 minute 29 in length, is my favorite so far. It shows you something that only Handsome Furs can pull off, their ability to construct such perfect melodies using electronics and electric guitars.

Handsome Furs are emerging as one of the most successfully creative (a lot of bands are creative, but few pull off such inspiring tunes) bands of our time. Enjoy this.

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