Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Mixtape About Nothing by Wale (2008)

Hmm... What's the deal with this guy? He's telling the truth about rap? He's being real? Unheard of. This guy is a true rapper from DC. And he's about to essplode. Not only is he a fresh, exciting young rapper, he's also a fan of the best show of all time, Seinfeld. The show clearly inspired this mixtape (look at the picture), which features clips from the show throughout most of the songs and also a cameo appearance by one of the stars of the show... WHO COULD IT BE? Find out by downloading this mixtape. Current favorite song off it: The Vacation from Ourselves, which begins with a dialogue between George and Jerry:

Jerry: "You said this would be better! Remember? A vacation from ourselves! That's what you said! I'm sorry, you gotta get a job!"

George: "Damnit."

From this scene:

Get ready for this guy. This single, Nike Boots, is a good start.

The Mixtape About Nothing!

EDIT: According to his website he's releasing his debut album's title on Monday and the first single off it on Friday!

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