Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Kid Named Cudi by Kid Cudi (2008)

Musically, this man is unbelievable. The number one release for me in '08 was Kid Cudi's mixtape. From start to finish, it puts a talented hip hop force on display. You may have heard of him because he is featured in the spectacular song "Welcome to Heartbreak" by Kanye West off 808's and Heartbreak. Cudi makes me even more proud to be from Cleveland. He currently resides in Brooklyn, but he gives more than a few shoutouts to his hometown. So musically, he's got it going on.

But recently, he's been creating way too much drama. It seems like this instant success has gotten to his head already. Hopefully it doesn't affect his music.

A few days ago (March 16th), he posted this blog, in which he declared he was not going to make any more music after the release of his debut LP this summer. Then, after being dramatically late to his show at South by Southwest in Austin, he stated that he was not going to retire and that he was here to stay, as you can see in this video:

I lost some respect for him after all that nonsense... But there's no denying the man is a fucking talent. The mixtape blows my mind during every listen. "Man On the Moon (The Anthem)" and "The Prayer" are two hip hop treasures. This is a must have.

Click on the lyrics to download the mixtape.

Make my words important so if I slip away, if I die today the last thing you remember won't be about some apple bottom jeans with the boots with the fur.

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