Friday, March 20, 2009

Blacking Out the Friction/Say Yes by Death Cab for Cutie

Let me start by saying Death Cab for Cutie is my all-time favorite band. I can not get enough of Ben Gibbard's sweet voice and deep, elegant, gorgeous lyrics and songwriting.

I've been searching for a lot of Elliott Smith lately, and I'm coming across some musical gems while I'm at it. I stumbled upon this cover of "Say Yes" performed by Death Cab for Cutie the day after Elliott died. It is obvious from this performance that Elliott's songs had a deep impact on Ben Gibbard's life. He is clearly choked up at the end when trying to think of the words to commemorate Elliott. This mp3 captures a beautiful yet heartbreaking moment.

Death Cab for Cutie-- Blacking Out the Friction/Say Yes 10-22-03


Tuesdai said...

Never heard of Death Cab For Cutie---thanks for sharing. Reallyyyy cool band! I enjoyed the song very MUCH. I had to find a youtube clip though----

For me (I always paint stories&scenarios thru music) their sound draws comforting emotions of thoughts that you pass thru in life that you should cherish. The melody is very smooth and relaxing...I would make this one of my "rainy day" songs, I LOVE the rain!

My favorite band of the moment would have to be Coldplay. I find their music free spirited, radical and indepth... :O).

My favorite songs are; Lost, Green Eyes and In My Place. I've added you on as a link to Behind The Inspiration.

Ryan said...

Death Cab is such an amazing band, a good place to start is The Photo Album (2001) or Transatlanticism (2003). I hope that link I posted worked for you. Also, thanks for the link!